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The strategic link to service optimization



Akima Global Technology project managers, engineers, architects and operations personnel are fiercely focused on a single strategic objective: optimize the services that keep your business moving forward—at a controlled pace, within achievable budgets and at all times aligned with the outcomes demanded of your entire ecosystem of employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

All else is secondary.

The Akima Global Technology Advantage

  • Strategic Planning
  • Requirements Management
  • Site Surveys
  • Configuration Management
  • COTS Integration
  • Multi-vendor Integration
  • Test & Validation
  • Technical Documentation

A top down strategic view of your enterprise

Our teams are proven, agile and scalable to any size project. We collaborate at strategic levels to bring a top down, holistic vision of your enterprise that includes all critical site, technical, financial, programmatic and organizational dependencies and constraints. This vision lights the path to the correct end result.

Our commitment to you extends throughout the system development lifecycle—from strategic planning, pre-acquisition and requirements management through design, development, integration and implementation to test and validation, O&M and system retirement.

The swiftest, surest and safest path to service optimization

Because Akima Global Technology is vendor-agnostic, we analyze alternative systems and architectures while performing trade-offs that offer the very best value, minimal risk and swiftest, surest, safest path to service optimization. And we are steadfast in maintaining all of our customer’s systems in compliance with evolving standards and regulations. Call Akima Global Technology today and ask about our Programmatic Services. You’re closer to service optimization than you think.

Customer Highlights

U.S. Navy – U.S. Navy Air Command (NAVAIR)

 Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, Maryland

 As airborne weapon systems develop and mature, they often undergo configuration changes and expansions of their operational flight parameters. At each step—from first flight to retirement—airworthiness must be assured and certified by a U.S. Naval Air System Command (NAVAIR) Flight Clearance. The NAVAIR Flight Clearance IT Web Processing System is key to this process. Because it houses all items, processes, and workflows required for any Navy office worldwide to attain flight clearance. Originally engaged to provide 24/7/365 operational and maintenance support assuring availability, Akima Global Technology is now creating the Navy’s Next Generation Airworthiness Website using Agile Project Management with Scrum. Since implementing Agile Project Management with Scrum, Akima Global Technology has consistently provided incremental functionality every three weeks. The customer has approved every demonstration as “Done,” validating Akima Global Technology ’s correct interpretation of the customer’s requirements.

Akima Global Technology provides the following services to NAVAIR 4.0P:

  • Requirements analysis for major and minor system enhancements
  • Software development, testing, and deployment
  • Software code and activity records management
  • Database migration from MySQL to ORACLE
  • Regular review and analysis of systems and processes
  • Recommendations for enhanced performance, reliability, and maintenance
  • Cost performance reports, database design documents, test plans, and test reports

U.S. Navy – Navy Personnel Command

Millington, Tennessee

Navy-Marine Corps Mobilization Processing System

As the United States continues to prosecute the Global War On Terrorism (GWOT), demand for Individual Manpower Augmentation—both Active and Reserve—has increased dramatically. These contingency augmentation requirements represent unplanned but necessary diversions of our limited manpower and funding resources. To better manage these non-routine, emergent operations, prevent redundant tasking, and be able to clearly assess the staffing impact on its commands, the U.S. Navy created the Navy-Marine Corps Mobilization Processing System (NMCMPS). A web-based distributed system, NMCMPS is the single authoritative data source providing Navy and Marine Corps Component Commanders end-to-end visibility and control of all current and future contingency augmentation requirements and processes, including automated workflow processing, order writing, and mobilization/demobilization processing. Akima Global Technology supports this system with:

  • Functional requirements gathering
  • Technical design and specifications to ensure DIACAP compliance
  • System maintenance, support, and planned upgrades
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Improved user interfaces
  • Identification and reduction of security threats
  • Data archiving and retrieval
  • Enhanced automated failover capability, disaster recovery
  • Administrative planning and collaboration
  • Operational and user support
  • Web-based training
  • Complete documentation

U.S. Air Force – Air Education and Training Command

Randolph AFB, San Antonio, Texas

Air Education and Training Command’s (AETC) mission is to recruit, train, and educate Airmen to sustain the combat capability of the USAF. This complex organization operates with an annual budget of over $8 billion and graduates 430,000 students in more than 5,800 courses. To plan and execute this mission, AETC requires accurate and timely personnel, recruiting, and training information at all times. The AETC’s Decision Support System (ADSS) is an automated information system that provides AETC leadership and staff with key management information about training and production status, including monitoring and assessment of training. Akima Global Technology provided operational, technical, and maintenance support for ADSS, including:

  • Application software sustainment—IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft
  • System Integration
  • Hardware maintenance—desktop, network, and servers
  • System and network administration
  • Database management—design, build, test, deploy, and support
  • Website administration
  • Security accreditation support—DIACAP
  • Configuration management for all hardware, network, and software components
  • Training support
  • Operational and technical help desk support for all ADSS users

U.S. Army – Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program

In 2009, the Army launched the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program to help service members deal with issues related to long and/or repeated deployments by developing their resiliency in four important domains: emotional, social, spiritual, and family. To ensure its effectiveness, the program’s scientific staff conducts thorough exploratory and statistical analysis of all extant data that form a theoretical basis for their findings. Akima Global Technology provides the information technology integration component to this project by streamlining existing IT plans while designing and developing new concepts and strategies. In addition to project management, significant systems and process support included:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Enterprise web host application development
  • Comprehensive interface design and implementations
  • Enterprise software defect tracking management
  • Conversion of console based applications to web-based applications
  • Architect and engineer a Soldier Fitness Tracking tool
  • Implement system enhancement recommendations

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